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Python. A widely used multi-purpose language that support various programming paradigms including object-oriented programming, procedural and functional programming. Famous for its highly readable code and a steady learning curve the language was named after a famous British comedy troupe. Being one of the most widely used language Python obviously is in quite high demand.

Why Python?

  1. Easy to learn:- Python does not require you to have any nuanced knowledge regarding the different hardware components (such as Memory or Hard Drive or RAM) nor do you need to know or understand OS and their workings. Being an interpreted language one also does not…

What is Web Scraping?

It is the process of using various tools to extract content and data from a website.

The web is filled with data, only the data is trapped inside the HTML and there’s useful information, even profit and innovative business model’s locked up in many of those pages.

Web scraping is used in a variety of digital businesses that rely on data harvesting. Some of the use cases include:

  • Social media sentiment analysis — To understand valuable trends and tap into their potential.
  • eCommerce pricing — To find the best marketplace where one can earn most profit.
  • Machine learning — To…

Archit Sharma

Currently pursuing my Bachelors. Love all things data.

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